Friday, 11 October 2013

9 Month Old Baby's 2nd Degree Burns After Stay At Childcare Centre

Warning: Graphic pictures. Viewer's discretion is advised.

A 9-month-old baby was reported to have had his hand scalded after staying at a childcare centre in Boon Lay, and his mother was told by the caretaker that they had accidentally spilled coffee on the child.

Photos of the baby's injured arm have been circulating online after his mother's friend uploaded them on facebook, and caught the attention of a STOMPer.

According to the facebook posting, the boy's hand had been scalded by hot water after staying at the childcare centre due to 'negligence'. The caretaker then informed his parent that they had accidentally spilled coffee on the baby. However, there were apparently no coffee stains found on the baby's hand.
"The doctor said that his hand had second degree burns. His mother was crying at the hospital when she saw the doctor start peeling off the burned skin from the baby's hand before they could start the treatment," wrote the facebook posting.
It also mentioned that CCTV footage -- which the baby's mother had insisted on viewing -- did not show what was said to have happened. The facebook user then asked if other mothers had similar experiences and sought advice on what could be done.

STOMPer mitsueki, who described the photos as shocking, said:
The poor baby! Anyway, this case has apparently been reported to MCYS (Ministry of Social and Family Development) while the mother of the child has reportedly withdrawn her son from the childcare. 
They didn’t upload the CCTV footage showing what exactly happened but no matter what, I still really feel sorry for the baby and I wish him a speedy recovery. Having said that, his parents must be so heartbroken about his injury!
The STOMPer also hopes that the childcare centre will deal with the incident appropriately and give a satisfactory explanation to those involved.

While investigating into the case of the 9-month-old baby who was scalded on the arm show that the infant-care worker had been 'clearly negligent' and faces disciplinary action.

According to a report in The Straits Times, the PAP Community Foundation (PCF) has said that the child was accidentally scalded by a cup of coffee left on the floor by an infant care worker when she went to raise some window blinds. The child had been left on the floor at the time.

The incident had occurred at the (PCF) Little Wings childcare centre in Jurong West on Oct 2.

Pictures of the child's injuries had showed severe damage to the skin of the child's forearm. The pictures had originally been posted on Facebook by a friend of the boy's mother on Tuesday. The parents were called immediately, and they had came back for him. But the friend, Ms Wendy Foo, wrote in her post that there were no coffee stains on his arm and the boy’s mother had insisted on reviewing the closed-circuit television camera footage.
"The video shows differently from what they claim to be,” she said, adding that the child has been withdrawn from the childcare centre.
The pre-school said it was in touch with the parents and the police had seen the footage. The police have confirmed a report has been lodged and they are investigating. The Early Childhood Development Agency, a government body set up this year to oversee the pre-school sector, also said it was aware of the incident, and was investigating.

PCF, which runs 353 pre-school centres, said it would review the environment and procedures at the centre to prevent such accidents from recurring.
"We are sorry for what happened and will do everything we can to help the child recover from this accident, we would like to assure all parents that we take this matter very seriously and that the welfare and safety of our students is of paramount concern to us.” said PCF’s chief executive, Mr Tay Swee Yee. 
The parents could not be contacted for comment.


So what happened to the poor baby to suffer a 2nd degree burn? I hope that the burning red marks will go off if possible and not leave a scar on the infant. Hope that both the parent and baby to get well soon!

Wonder & Cherish,

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