Thursday, 30 January 2014

How To Eat A Mandarin Orange Without Peeling

Chinese New Year is coming! It's time for loads of red packets and mandarin orange during the Chinese New Visitation!

Fun Fact: Do you know what does the custom of exchanging pairs of mandarin orange signify? Due to similarity of the Chinese name of the mandarin orange to auspicious in Chinese. Mandarin oranges are considered traditional symbols of abundance and good fortune. So when we exchange the pairs of fruit, it means we wish the other party an auspicious and prosperous New Year.

Isn't it a hassle to peel the skin of Mandarin Orange with your bare hands, especially when there is so many of them to clear during the New Year? Our poor fingers is going to suffer for sure ): Why not use a knife instead?
Simply cut the peel off at the top and bottom of the Mandarin Orange and then cut anywhere in the middle of the loop that is left. Then it is just to unfold the Mandarin Orange and start picking the contents one by one.
It look like this! Isn't it simple, fast and easy, while enjoying the juicy sweet oranges ^^

Here is the full walkthrough:

via BitRebels

Happy Chinese New Year! May you have happiness and prosperity!

Friday, 3 January 2014

13: Break Up Notice

It's the 3rd day of 2014. Just like how new hope and opportunity is going to await us, my one year and a half relationship have just ended. Totally. We're.. Strangers, again.

The distant past about how I fallen in love with him, came rushing through my mind. Before the relationship even started, I made a vow to myself, to love him forever. I'm not to repeat any of my previous 'puppy love' and be serious about the relationship. Throughout the relationship, I am proud to say that I kept my words and my promises. Despite how much influence and temptation I had in my daily life, he is always at the back of my mind.

Our start was great. Like most couple in their honeymoon period. We meet up almost every day and just enjoy each other accompany. We would run away to weird places that we hasn't been to and just slack around and let time pass. He would carry me on his sweaty back when I'm tired of walking. Then, was the sweetest time we share.

I was totally new in love or relationship. It was then, I got introduce to the stages of relationship. I was told and be prepared about whatever sweetness of love that I have been experiencing will not last and the real challenge comes at the following stages. It's just like a cycle.

I did not understand about the whole stages concept then, though now I do. It was almost immediately after my birthday that he got enlisted to NS. We shared a virtual candle on the iPhone to make a wish for my birthday at the sky garden of Vivocity after a whole day in Universal Studio Singapore. The little act of blowing the candle was memorable, since I hardly ever blow a candle during my birthdays. I was really touched, but that also marks the end of our honeymoon.

After he was enlisted to NS. He had a hard time coping with the things that were happening inside. Instead of getting use to and accept the fact that two years is going to be wasted, he turn hateful and sour. During the period, I have always been looking forward for every weekend for him to be release from camp. I was wishful that he would spent time with me like he used to. We could go out, listen to his NS rant or stay home and enjoy accompany together. But all these never come through. He said he was tired after a whole week in camp, he doesn't want to remember anything about NS during his free time in the weekends and wanted to just enjoy his internet.

Slowly, the impact of the end of honeymoon period hit me. We no longer talked as much as we used to, and neither does he listen to my rants anymore. He doesn't like to listen to any news, drama nor things I have just learnt about (probably), since I might get scolding once in a while for wasting my life while he was suffering in NS. Our night talk have then develop into just night greetings. Thankfully, we were still be able to maintain that nightly call till the end of our relationship. I started to understand his plight as we started to settle down into the NS mode and after reading 'Understand your NSF boyfriend better', however, how I wish at that time, he could read up about '3 things to take note about your girlfriend' too instead.

Soon, problems in school started to catch up with me and I got into hard depression. That was the hardest time for the year, I would cry every night and scream about exams even during my holiday. I tried to get comfort from him and fantasize about some sweet romance like a oversea getaway or whatever, yet I would just get scolding from him for not standing in his shoes and understand his plight. Still adding salt to his wound for his loss of freedom.

I started to shut my mouth up and keep quiet even though how much I wish to be like a normal girl with some pampered to get a couple ring, couple tees or couple key chain. I never have any of those in my entire life yet, and I actually really wanted those. However, because of his past relationship, he develop an idea of troublesome and money wasting for all of the above, so my wants was scraped. Wishfully, I still thought that probably he might be actually waiting for some bigger occasion to surprise me with. So I waited.

For our first valentine day, I actually got two present for him, but i have decided to go with the handmade idea instead and keep the other one on hold. I spent whole day and night making a jar of love that I refolded twice. Since I got the wrong kind of folding paper at the first try. Yet, he was relatively upset the moment he receive the present as his ex-girlfriend have did the exact same gift for him before and probably that's is lack of creativity? I don't know anymore. That very moment, my heart shattered. I want was his smile when he receive my present.

The another present I got him was a couple keychain after pondering that I shouldn't always wait for the guys to make the first move since he always emphasize on boy-girl equality and I be responsible with my wants and not wait for things to just happen. I know that he doesn't like couple stuff that was too girly for the male, thus I purposely took extra effort and care to make sure that the couple key chain look normal with just extra design on it. I have forgotten when I have giving it to him, probably during the period where he came to my house for a visit. His response was again, me being ridiculous and thinking too much. In his idea, I could have just given him the present and not wait and be afraid of giving. Nevertheless, in the end, he didn't uses it anyway. I didn't know exactly why or maybe I have forgotten. He probably still prefer the keychain which he had with his ex-girlfriend while mine still looks too gay. Yup, so neither do I use that key chain at all, since it defeated the original purpose.

There was once, we got into a huge fight though I have forgotten the reason. For 3 days, he ignored me. He could go for buffet with his clique and live on normally. As a desperate act, I packed all the gifts and ticket buds that we collected and return those to him. The next thing I knew was that he asked for a break up. As he was greatly hurt by my action. That was the first time that we got into such serious break up. I was totally freaked out. I cried for the entire night and left home extremely early the next day (I did not sleep) to his house. Wrote a cheeky note and wait for him to wake up in hope that he could take back him words and patch things up. Well, thankfully it works. We got back as per normal, and sweeping away our problems under the carpet.

For his birthday, I tried really hard to make it memorable for him. I care no cost to celebrate with him. Getting him stuff that he told me he likes during the normal days and things which he needs for the coming days. The moment I given him his present, he was freaked out. Totally. For a moment, he even ran out of the room. I was left alone, ponder if I did too much.. All I wanted is him to be happy with my gifts.. I was left alone in the room, looking at my gifts. Well, he did came back with an unbelievable look in his face, and I cried. Totally ruining the entire celebration mood, I blamed myself entirely for making a bad ending actually.

Then there was a period of time where he came over to stay with me since my house I closer to his camp. Things started out great, since I was able to see him every single day for that time. I was basically over the moon. However, despite being under one roof, there wasn't much talking at night. After tending to his wants, like running together, eating and shop for some groceries. He would went to sleep while I do my late night studies etc. It was then, a huge friendship problem breakout, and I was crying out for him. I wanted his attention. I knew he was busy and stressed, but I only needed just that night for his comfort. I thought that he would stay by my side and cheer me up like he did back during our honeymoon. But I was wrong. We ended up in heated quarrel as he thinks that I maybe ridiculous? The very next day, he pack his luggage and left the house. I was left alone, ignore by him and clearing up the mess with explanation for my mom and dad.

It was another 3 days after he ask for a time-break for the incident. I remember how hard I tried to cope with school and everything that happened. My friendship, my love and everything. What's left for me is family. And he once told me to treat him like a family of mine.. That period was excruciating for me and I could almost die from the pain I suffer. Suicidal thoughts started to come hunting me. I remember that when I was desperately giving up hope, Aaron, my long-time friend, answer my call and listen to my sorrow. It was a miracle to me as I hasn't been keeping in touch with him for years and I was surprise he is willing to be there for me and even offered to come find me after feeling my instability.

Well, after the time-break, I have learnt and master to keep things to myself. I started to enjoy alone time. In school or at home, although at the start I know that i am just lying to myself to stand up and get strong. But soon, I started to get a hang of it and yes, I started to enjoy the time alone with no needs to please anyone else. Similarly, I started to master how to be his perfect girlfriend. I learnt to accept every single wants of his with an open-mind, I learnt to maintain his ego and I learnt to settle things myself without bothering him. So, even if the alley outside his house was dark and scary, but for the sake of his dota game or laziness, I must at least be thankful that he opened the door for me. Walking me to the open road down the street was a privilege.

Things was as per normal as it was after the incident. I no longer desire or fantasize like any other girl, while still keeping his things as the priority and be extremely careful about the things I eat and the things he wants. Then it came his offer to go on an overseas holiday! I know he planned the trip for me since I have always wanted a getaway. That's was the next happiest things that ever happen to me (since I don't have any friend to travel with me at all, money issues).

After the air ticket and hotel was booked, we continued our daily routine. As it was a free and easy trip, there was some mandatory read up and planning to do. However, every time I tried to discuss with him, he was always avoiding the topic and it would only reminds him about the time is running out and how little time he has left. So while he was dota-ing, I was doing the read up alone. I thought that we could plan out the trip together and chat about the places that we're keen to visit and stuff to take note. My wish never came true, not even till the very end.

Just before we fly, was Christmas. The year before, I heard about the great Christmas lighting at Orchard. I told him I wanted a visit, but it never came by again as during festive season, it is always crowded everywhere and he hated the crowd. This year round, I manage to get a glimpse of the beauty of the Christmas decoration thanks to Aaron, although it's in the afternoon. It has been months since my boyfriend and I last step into Orchard road I guess.

My long waited trip finally arrive and I happily fly off with my first ever self-planned trip. However, my first greatest regret was not getting a traveler sims card myself which make my entire safety dependent on my boyfriend. Like always, I was always the one that cling on to him and hold on to his hand. Once in a while he would do so, when he feels like it. When during crowded areas, he could easily walk by himself without caring about my safety, he would hold my hands though, when he was told to do so. Rest of the journey, he was connected on phone talking to his clique and playing his games. He never care about enjoying the trip with me, of course. And well, he see no wrong in staying connected with his friends when he is overseas with me.

Nevertheless, while shopping, I saw this really cute bear and wanted to take a photo with it. He was reluctant to help. I have to give up but merely take a snapshot of the big bear while seeing three other girls happily take turns to take photo with the bear. The unhappy event eventually helped for my next two photos taken with another huge teddy bear and a mascot. Those were the few photos that I have taken for the entire trip, all initiated by me.

My shopping trip was awesome. I carried the shopping bags etc. the entire day while my boyfriend carried his new little square bag which can only put his wallet and handphone. He was reluctant to help despite how much I asked him to and only offer to help carry himself when I got furious (I rejected him then). When we talked it out, he said it was gay, and he rather hold the shopping bags instead of carrying my bag packs. That's a Crumpler for god sake and it's gay? Back in Singapore, he was again the one who said that holding all the plastic/paper bag is gay so he carry a bag. I am totally confuse and losing hope.

Throughout the trip, he is totally lack of initiative, for almost everything except food that he loved the most. There was this clothes that I fallen in love with back in a weekend market, however, as we couldn't slash the price, we went off to look if there is another shop selling the same thing. I told him that if I don't see it around, we'll head back to get it. He was displease, and also, in the end we didn't get back to get the clothes that I wanted. Firstly, we lost our way back, secondly, I doubt he even cares. The rest of the trip, I couldn't find a similar piece of clothes.

Then we went to a temple and we have to climb up the pagoda. The 2nd stairs was really steep and high, and worst, I have forgotten to put my phone back into the back after taking photos. Hence, I only left one hand that was able to have a full grip of the railings and another hand holding my phone and a half grip of the railings. I was so scare that the almost vertical stairs makes it feel like you will fall the moment you lose your grips. I was losing grips unfortunately at the end of the stairs as I was about to reach the peak. Yet, my boyfriend, despite reaching the top already, he was standing right in front of me and not bother to lend me a hand. I was totally upset, and as I told him about my unhappiness, he went furious and said that I am being unreasonable.

There was never a time that I was able to fully communicate with him my ideas and our problems. He would went furious, then sad and say that 'He might not be the right guy for me' and shut me off. I totally have enough. I agree that my attitude and temper was bad at times, but I only needed him to do a little bit of sweet-talk or make me laugh. Is that a lot? Of course, to clear up misunderstanding.

However, what I wanted seems too much for him to comprehend. There's so much misunderstanding that was sweep under the carpet that now is too late to make things right again. He used to say that he wish that I would grow to be a better person. More mature and understanding. But I also wish that he could turn to be a man and not like a boy. He never ever listen to me anymore.

Our relationship was like a test. Every time, he would test my patient to the limit and give me grading. I Though, I would also get a few sweet as rewards in the process at times. However, the rule for exams is that, you can never win an argument with the setter, as he is always right. Even if he wasn't, you're a few marks back from his hand.

Many of the above context are from my point of view only and it maybe bias. So he may not be as bad as it seems but, I just had enough. I couldn't imagine how my future is going to be like with him anymore. Since in the first place, our hopes and dreams was different. Probably, leaving is the best decision for us.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Day 1: Hopes, Dreams, and Plans For The Next 365 Days

For the new year of 2014, I hope to have no more emotional struggle or pain for me to go through. I have enough last year, and I simple want silence and stability. Though, there is still room where I wish for more personal growth to become a better person in the future and learn from mistake that I have been making unknowingly.

As I have lost my ability to love, to smile and to do things I like/love. I am going to be realistic from now on. To dream for financial stability as money won't lie, won't demand things from you and would fulfill your materialistic needs while there is no longer anymore replenishment for my emotional needs.

Checklist for my 2014, I would hope to
  • Be myself
  • Be alone/individual
  • Save up enough money
  • Go on another overseas trip
  • Maintain my grades for school
I'm planning on getting an internship job during my school holiday, it may be one of a good way to expand my social circle, earn some income and plan for my future since I'm so lost at the moment. Also, probably lets go for some 'Singapore, get to know' excursion which visit places that was previously unknown to me and appreciate the beauty for my lovely sunny island! ^^

Let's make this year a fun and loving year where I could get my smile back.

365 Day Challenge

Happy New Year. May the New Year bring to you warmth of love, and a light to guide your path towards a positive destination.
“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day.” ― Edith Lovejoy Pierce
I've always wanted to start a 365 day challenge that I saw few month ago when I just started out blogging and I thought that it would be great if I try it out during the start of a new year! As it was created by a random tumblr author, there might be changes made to some challenge by me though. Hope that it would be an enjoyable journey and a great start of a new year.

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

12: Reflection 2013

It's the end of 2013 and I've just came back from my year-end Bangkok trip. I shall not go into details but post it up soon when I have the time to. Time passes so fast. Another year have passed by, and soon we’re going to add a +1 to our birthday.

The year of 2013, I have learnt a lot. It may probably be my most fruitful year which I go through various emotional pain. Looking back to the reflection I wrote in 2012, it’s just look childish and bullshit. Many things changed throughout the years, or probably it has all the while been like it is, just that I didn’t notice.

I lost my friend.

I used to think how much blessed I’m, how happy I were. Until then, I suddenly realized that I actually have no friends. My so-called ‘best friend’ was actually taking me as a temporary safety belt, which she could dispose me at any single time.

New environment changed everything that I once knew about her. She could bear to see me die and not lending me a hand. Similarly, schooling becomes an arena where she would question every single things about my result, my work and etc. Sometimes, even cross check to pick faults if I have said anything that doesn’t go as according to my previous context.

Though, I may be partially blamed too for relying and expecting too much from her, and perhaps neglected her needs back when she broke up with her then boyfriend, while I was stuck in my honeymoon period.

I couldn’t make new friends.

I was so self-contented with the group of ‘friends’ I had in polytechnic that is going on the exact same education path as I’m, I purposely missed my orientation camp. That was the biggest mistake and regret I ever made.

The no-classroom system in the university make it hard for people to keep in-touch and deepen relationship. Or rather, just for me, always being a snail that hide in the shell. Friends are just basically tagged as ‘school-work related only’, never crossing beyond the line.

Again, I did not carried-through the CCAs that I joined and did not open up to broaden my social circle. Thus, I’m to be blamed again. Nevertheless, I am thankful and grateful for the friends that I once knew in my teenage. I owe them lots this year, especially Aaron, who offered his help whenever I needed it.

I lost my love.

Due to the above two factors and my school, I was heavily depressed and stressed throughout the years, which had me become extremely relied on my boyfriend. However, that probably stressed him up and make our relationship turned sour. Like all other couple, we manage to hang-on to each other, but all the scars and misunderstanding that wasn’t clear just keep on building up.

Throughout the year, I have learnt a lot from my boyfriend. Much more than I could ever imagine. For the best of our relationship and for myself:

• I must not rely. Don’t expect that he would be a gentleman.
• I must not fantasize (dream). We’re not ‘sweet’ couple. We’re just couple. He has his own duty, and I have mine. Just appreciate everything, even if he is lazy.
• I must not accept any gift more than I could take. Never accept living under the same roof nor going on a holiday. The after-math is unbearable and painful, even hard to cope at times.
• I must not voice out. It will only end up with him raising his voice, quarrel, get a bad impression of me and separation.
• I must be solo.

These does not implies only on my relationship, but also my life. I’m still trying to get accustom to all the new changes. Although I still commit the same mistake time after time.

“Love myself before I love others, Stop giving if you got nothing”

Well, something along the line where he once said to me. This always ring a bell in me, though I have not really follow it through yet.

My relationship is filled with mixed fillings. Just like how I knew he planned an overseas trip for me just for my desire. I was totally over the moon about the entire trip, and it acted as an emotional boost during my hardest time in school. But the mood was totally killed during the trip. Though, I am really grateful that it was a joint couple trip where his sister and the boyfriend basically helped out throughout, the trip probably won’t go on without them.

I’m no longer hopeful as I probably acted like a burden that hinders him from achieving greater heights. I no longer want to dream, as it would only result in more tears flowing out from my eyes. Well, just stick to the checklist.

Looking back at my last year resolution, I only manage to fulfill 2 out of 6 whereby I save up my targeted budget and wrote a 2013 resolution. Probably set more realistic resolutions for this year.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Pregnant Chinese woman gives birth WHILE WALKING

A pregnant Chinese woman has been caught on security camera delivering her baby while walking through a hospital lobby. Mrs Chen, whose first name has not been revealed, started suffering from abdominal pain on Wednesday afternoon, despite being eight months pregnant.

Her husband rushed her to hospital in the southeast Chinese city of Fuzhou by taxi, before he and the cab driver helped her into the hospital.

Surveillance camera footage shows the baby drop from Mrs Chen's dress as she walks through the lobby. Her husband picks up the baby with the umbilical cord still attached, before passing it to the taxi driver as he runs to find help.

Mr Chen said the baby weighed 2.6kg (5.8 pounds) at birth and is doing well. He is now worried the taxi driver may now be suspended because he went through multiple red lights to get them to hospital in time.

From UFun

Salute to the wife and thankfully, the baby was safe and unharmed, though it's funny how reality catch up upon him about all the traffic tickets he might be getting for the rush. :3

Thursday, 26 December 2013

8 Worth Knowing Facts About Eating Sushi

Everyone loves sushi! *cross-fingers* Okay, probably not everyone, but most people will love eating sushi.

Sushi is delicious, and at the end of the day there are few ways to really get it wrong, but this graphic from I Love Coffee and illustrated by The Oatmeal can help you up your sushi game and enjoy the experience a bit more.

For starters, the major tip at the top of the comic is a great one: Start with the lighter, more delicate fish and then move on to the darker and fattier ones. You'll give yourself the chance to enjoy the lighter flavors of the white fish like snapper without overwhelming your taste buds with the fatty richness of tuna. If you do want to dig right in for the salmon or the tuna, chow down on a piece of pickled ginger between pieces—it acts as a palate cleanser.

The graphic even gets into proper sushi dipping technique, and reminds you not to get your rice all bogged down with soy sauce to the point where you can't even taste the fish. The suggestion not to rub your chopsticks together (and the fact that tuna and fatty tuna are actually from the same fish) are also good to know the next time you head out to your favorite sushi restaurant. Scroll down to read the whole thing, or hit the link below to head over to I Love Coffee to see this and other great coffee and sushi-related articles and comics.

From LifeHacker

Let's see.. if this has a score, I will only be getting about 4/8. Hey, I pass (at least)! And yes,
"There's really no wrong way to eat sushi, if the food is going into your face mouth (I assume) and you're enjoying yourself, then you're probably doing it right."
Yeah! What's with all the hassle man~ And, did anyone of you play the game, I Love Coffee by Line? I was quite addicted to it back then! :X